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Remove 1KG of trash from Indonesia’s coastline

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Ocean Conservation

The plight of our oceans affects us all and is intricately connected to our actions on land. Especially in places like Indonesia, the improper disposal of waste is leading to vast amounts of trash entering the sea, where it poses a threat to marine life and ecosystems. The coastline of Bali, a world-renowned travel destination, is sadly marred by the consequences of inadequate waste management and governance. However, merely cleaning the beaches won't solve the root of the problem. 

Education and awareness are paramount. By understanding the larger implications of their actions, communities can begin to change their habits and adopt more sustainable practices. This card funds cleaning the beaches and educating people. Through your support, we're fostering a holistic approach to marine conservation in Bali, targeting both the symptoms and the causes of the waste crisis. By uniting in this cause, we have the power to rejuvenate our oceans and the myriad of life they support.

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