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Fund a month of protection for Olive Ridley Sea Turtle nesting sites in India 🐢

About this impact

Ocean Conservation

India's tropical coastlines, once a serene nesting ground, now pose significant challenges for the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles. Urban development, marine pollution, and other threats have led to a drastic decline in their population since the 1960s. The proactive approach to protecting these precious creatures focuses on the core aspects of conservation—saving nests, relocating turtles to safer zones, and running hatcheries. 

Adopting an inclusive strategy, working hand-in-hand with governmental bodies, communities, and institutions, turning the tide in favour of the sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Protection Force has been instrumental in saving thousands of nests and releasing hundreds of thousands of hatchlings into the sea. This impact saves the lives of many turtles in addition to safeguarding an ecosystem, preserving biodiversity, and championing the coexistence of humanity with nature. Together, every effort brings the Olive Ridley sea turtles one step closer to a safer, brighter future.

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