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Provide one day of crucial vet care for a street dog in Nepal 🐶

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Animals and Wildlife

A gift with guaranteed tail-wags! Buy an ear-perking day of TLC for a dog in Nepal who courtesy of your gift, will receive a full day of essential medical care. With your support, Rufus will be back on his paws in no time! In cities like Pokhara and Bharatpur, our four-legged friends often have to deal with all sorts of health issues—from ticks and worms to untreated wounds and fractures. Your funding ensures that dogs receive the immediate treatment they need. 

Your gift funds an expert veterinary team with three full-time vets who provide this vital care, they make sure to give each dog the time and attention they deserve. Your support means a chance at a longer, happier life for a dog in Nepal. So let's keep those tails wagging all day long! 🐾💕

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