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Plants 5 diverse trees in India to increase forest cover and conserve water

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Climate Change

Forests have been nature's boon, ensuring a balance in the ecosystem and providing vital resources for humankind. Yet, as urbanization marches forward, forests recede, leaving us with a void that heavily impacts nature and the air we breathe. This initiative aims to reverse this by collaborating with the tribal communities of India. The mission is to co-create with these communities, enabling them to establish, own, and nurture their forest resources. To produce acres of land flourishing with fruit, fodder, and fuel-bearing trees, all under the protective wings of the community. 

Your contribution will increase forest cover and play a pivotal role in soil and water conservation in the region. As we lay down saplings, we're simultaneously laying the groundwork for sustainable forest resources that these communities can rely upon. Planting these trees is the first step. There is also an emphasis on education and awareness, sensitising these communities to groundwater conservation. This impact is a tale of unity – of man, tree, and earth. Join us in weaving this tale, 5 saplings at a time. 🌱

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